Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Crayola Artist

During the Easter break last month I had taken my little one to the Crayola Factory in Pennsylvania along with a group of friends. It was a group of 7 moms and their kids. We hired a van and had a blast on the drive as well as at the place.
The kids just loved it there. There was this white car that that they could scribble all over, there was also a street where they could use sidewalk chalk to their heart’s content, they got to get their pictures with Lightning McQueen and Spiderman on coloring sheets, they were allowed to write all over glass panes, they made a flying disc with clay and baked it in the oven, they used liquid color for coloring and saw how crayons are made. What’s more, they also got to make and wear their own space suit! I mean what’s there to not like about it when you are encouraged to do stuff that your mom would usually yell at you for? It is a wonderful experience full of fun and learning.

Now, with regards to today’s post, there is a souvenir shop and have we ever managed to escape unscathed through it? I remember when we went to an aquarium as a part of the school field trip last year, the teachers made the kids hold up their hands as shark fins and made them rush through the souvenir store without letting the kids turn left or right! Boy did we get lucky that day! Wish that it could always be the same!!

Anyways, this time, we went in and got a few packs of their Model Magic clay! There was also this kit that I got him to make his own show piece. It had been lying untouched for quite some time. Finally one fine day, when the persistent rains made it impossible to go to the park and play, we decided to tackle this project. All I did was open the packets and place a weight on the center of the frame so that it would not move about when my son worked on it. The rest was his own effort and I must say I was impressed. He sat through it and finished it the same day.

I love such creative ideas where the kids get to display their own work and can get a sense of pride and responsibility. I will definitely be on the lookout for more such fun stuff…

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