Saturday, March 22, 2014

I ...

Oh yes I am aware,
Of my strengths, my capabilities, my abilities
I smile, let it go, choose to turn my other cheek
Don’t mistake my passiveness for weakness
-         My silence for ignorance!

I am what I am
My thoughts are my own
My actions are my own
And so I choose to be

Life, you think you can break me, crush me?
Oh you may chip away at my resilience -
Bit by tiny bit,
You are persistent, I give you that!

But there it ends – your control over me!
My spirit – it’s a fighter!
It refuses to be bound by shackles!
My mind – it soars beyond your grasp!
You think you got me don’t you?
Think again! Look again!

Shower me with pain,
Assail me with doubts,
Play on my fears,
Badger me with all you got,
Bring it on, I say!
For my spirit is my own – it chooses to rise like a phoenix!
My mind is a sword – it chooses to fight back!
Nothing you say can take away that from me

And so I live.
I live to face another day,
I live to face another fight,
I choose to live, I choose to hope…

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  1. Simply fabulous!! I can soooo relate to it!! :-)


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