Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Left Over Veggie Wrap

Most days my lunch comprises of maggi, dosa or whatever is left over from the previous day. Today belonged to the latter category. I had a bowl of cauliflower potato curry in the refrigerator, but nothing to accompany it. I also had some Vietnamese rice paper in the pantry (bought with the aim to make these yummyVietnamese Garden Rolls - but that is for another day and another post!). So, decided to put the two together and make a quick lunch. I liked it so much that I decided not to make chapattis for myself for dinner. Instead made another variation of the same wrap. Try it, am sure you'll agree it makes a wonderful lunch for those hurried and hassled days!

Preparation: 2-3 minutes            Serves:1


Vietnamese Rice Paper - 1 sheet
Water - to soak the rice paper
Left over veggies - 2-3 tablespoons
Lettuce - 2 -3 leaves
Turkish Salad - 2 tablespoons (I had the Sabra brand handy)


  • Heat the left over veggies in the microwave for about a minute. In the meantime, soak the rice paper in a plate filled with enough water to immerse the paper completely, for about a minute.

  • Drain out the softened rice paper and spread the Turkish salad on it. Take care not to rip the rice paper as it will be extremely soft.

  • Now lay out the lettuce leaves on this and add the veggies on top.

  • Roll up the rice paper to form a neatly sealed wrap.

That's it! It was a nice light lunch along with a glass of chilled ginger ale.

For dinner, I replaced my potato cauliflower curry with a mixed vegetable sabzi and the Turkish salad with cream cheese with onion and chives. Tasted absolutely delicious. In fact my little one wanted to try this funny looking wrap and loved it! Feel free to experiment with different spreads and vegetable combos.

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  1. Wow..This looks so delicious and sounds very easy too..perfect for a lazy afternoon when not in a mood to cook eloborately jus for ourselves..

    1. Thx Pepper, the fun part is we can use any kind of a spread with any left over side dish :)


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