Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shopping Tips

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Shopping is fun. Really? Not as much fun if you have to go to the store again for a missed item or you come to know you have paid more for an item on sale. Here are some tips that would save your money and your shopping trips. 

1. Make a list:
Always make sure to take a list of items you want to shop. This way you can avoid forgetting any necessary item or buying an unwanted item, and can also save time wandering in the store trying to remember what brought you to the store.

2. Clip coupons:
Coupons might not be useful when you buy a single item, but it’s huge saving when you have multiple coupons. So whenever you see a coupon for an item that you usually buy, clip it and save it for your next shopping trip.
3. Try store brand products
If you are not very brand-specific, give the store brands a try. There might be a difference in quality, I must admit, but not much. But there would certainly be a difference in price. 

4. Take a look at store journals
Before stepping into your local supermarket, don’t forget to go through the store’s journal. An item you wished to buy could be on sale, and you would have a clue about it.

5. Get your perishable groceries in the right quantity
Don’t stock up perishable vegetables or fruits. You might just use them once and forget them in your refrigerator until they turn into a home for fungi. Instead get different varieties in small quantities so that you may have a different option for each day, and avoid throwing your money in trash.

6. Empty your fridge before your next shopping trip
Avoid your grocery shopping until you have used up all the vegetables and/or meat/poultry/seafood in your refrigerator. This way, you can avoid buying more fresh groceries while leaving your old ones to rot in the fridge.

7. Stock up!
Stock up on bath tissues, paper towels, batteries etc., which almost don’t have an expiry date or have a longer shelf life, whenever you find them on sale. (But be careful not to buy a huge pack of paper towels when you just bought one last week, simply because they are on sale).

8. Keep a check on your inventory
Keep a notepad in the kitchen and note down immediately when there is only little of an item left. This would help you to remember the items you have to buy, when you are making your shopping list.

9. Shop at the right time
Go for shopping when you are relaxed and don’t have much work to do after. In my opinion the right time to shop is after dinner. The crowd would be less and you would be almost done for the day, and you could do your shopping at peace.

10. Avoid taking kids with you
Even if your kids are extremely good at other times, shopping trips could make them whiny when they see those large piles of snacks and you would either be forced to buy some unhealthy junk stuff or to run out of the store before you finish your shopping. If you don’t have a choice than to bring them with you make sure they are well fed before your shopping trip. This might make them less cranky.
Hope these tips help you in your next shopping trip. Happy shopping!!



  1. Good tips. I really should make a list, instead of winging it when I get to the supermarket.

    1. Thnx jaqueline. I'm glad that the tips are helping you out.


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